Scheduling and journaling are going to improve my life?

Why is it essential to schedule? What are the benefits of creating a plan? Why is it important to journal? What are the benefits of journaling?

First, let’s start with the fact that if you are in your late teens or early twenties, then you are naturally more resourceful than any person in their early thirties and above. To understand what that resource is; Let’s first define what it is. Let it be understood that resources are tangible and intangible goods that can range from the most necessary resources like water to more intangible ones, time and others like money (money is becoming intangible, or at least the concept of money is intangible to me), first-grade materials like corn to make corn syrup, to land and other materials. These are resources, and amongst them is the item I would like to dig deeper into, time.

Time can be as many things. But for this thought experiment, we think of time as a resource to achieve a goal. This is the very reason why it is of the utmost imperative not to waste such a resource. It can literally be priceless, as precious as it is; it can also be worthless. So why would the younger generation then be richer in time than the older generation? The older generation has lived at least ten more years than them. The evident fact is that the 30-year-old’s have ten more years’ worth of a life lived than the youngness. To continue a statistical approach. Let’s say the average life expectancy for this group is 80 years old. To me, that says it's not the older generation that is more resourceful in time. It’s the younger generation that has more time life to live. Therefore, more time to achieve the goals that they have set out for themselves. Now that we know exactly why not waste time, let’s not waste more time talking about scheduling. Why is scheduling important? (to save more time) why do we want to save more time? (Because it is a very scarce resource that is very limited. Rationing this precious resource valuably is vital to achieving goals. What can be the only valuable goal that would be worth spending all this precious time in your, what is still only known as, only one life? Freedom and pursuit of happiness!

I Diverge, as I am thinking about scheduling, I am allowing myself to get too off-topic to put thinking about scheduling to do later. As this read goes on, if you can follow this train of thought, you must know the antagonist of this story is PROCRASTINATION! Imagine the most ruthless villain you can think of; that is what procrastination is to time. It is just a time killer. Straight-up murderer of time! So, to not let its powers beat me, I have attempted many things to defeat this opponent. Amongst the things tried, many have proven to be useful. Worth mentioning, of course, is waking up early and or going to the gym.

About waking up early, It is interesting to hear very often that most people that are successful are either early risers or capable of functioning with a rigorous healthy sleeping pattern; let's not forget no one is perfect, but many are damn near there and have made that habit now from a ritual to a natural activity.

From ritual to natural is what happens when you master a habit.

And yet I digress?

It is not a myth to think that waking up early is closely correlated to success. Keep in mind that you are just wasting time if you wake up early and are not productive. So, it's you are either up early and productive or just sleeping in. Another important thing to consider is the total amount of time we spend sleeping in our lifetime.

I will include that statistic here. If I color code all the statistics I need to look up for each of my writings, I could highlight a color stored in a legend and complete that task later.

The other habit that has helped me beat procrastination has been regular exercise…

I really have to dig deep into my Kryptonite< I should be more interested in looking at what fuels my procrastinations powers. Is it that I don’t know what to do. Or that, I know what to do, and it is so very much to do that I delay getting started?

Remember, we are still talking about scheduling. That is what is really hard to do. It is the most difficult thing so far for me to achieve—both professionally and in life. I am a lousy planner and a lousy person at his best attempt at prioritizing. In a recent conversation with my wife, it dawned upon me that thoughts are like a stack of papers that we glance through. Suppose we improved our ability to spend more time than just a glance with each view, then that would master our ability to concentrate wouldn't it?

The thought process should be performed systematically. Meaning, there should be a hierarchical pattern of effort and energy put into every thought. The energy put in every thought can only be produced through the power of, you fucking guessed it, time! So that means that it seems like the best thing to do is prioritize your time to the thoughts you wish to allocate your energy towards! That is where scheduling comes in. The first thing to do after running through the process of prioritizing is scheduling. Because again, to perform the prioritization task, which is the beginning of it, all you need is time. Time is a limited resource, so keeping tabs by scheduling your time would be the smartest/safest/ most effective thing to do.

The greater the difficulty the more glory in surmounting it. Skillful pilots gain their reputation from tempests.